Dr. Myasnikov dispelled the myths about red meat and exercise

well-Known TV presenter and the chief doctor of the Moscow hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov called medical postulates in relation to healthy lifestyles that have long been obsolete.

In the program “About the main thing” on the channel “Russia 1” he said that the allegations about the dangers of red meat was wrong. It was believed that animal fats raise cholesterol levels, increase the risk of developing atherosclerosis and the risk of heart attacks.

According to Myasnikov in November 2019, the scientists found that red meat does not harm people with heart disease. The medic urged to eat meat three times a week to provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Miasnikov also spread the myth that every day should have to do ten thousand steps. He explained that this is the approximate amount of exercise. The presenter advises how to move and exactly how — to choose everyone: “I do Not like to go swim. Don’t like to swim — run. Move. The main thing — to move”.

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