“Possum. Fridge. Dead Rat.” Bad omens pile up on the road to Brett. “It stinks,” said his partner, Tony. If it has all the air, the trip of the duo has nothing to do with a police operation classic. The two cops have passed the Rubicon of illegality. Here they become criminals, to track down other outlaws. At the end of the cul-de-sac, the bloodhounds have sniffed the trail of robbers trimballant a big nest egg on which they intend to put the hand.

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Mel Gibson, and Vince Vaughn play ripoux. The path they take in Dragged him on the asphalt is of concern. Presented at the Mostra of Venice, and then at the festival de Beaune, the film from S. Craig Zahler landed directly on DVD and VOD, without going through the box film. The dark rooms would have been able to withstand a polar also black?

Nightmare american

The films Zahler, novelist and drummer of the heavy metal in his spare time, are shaped in a matter as dark as coal. His previous feature films, Bone Tomahawk and Section 99 , western horror with indians, cannibals and thriller suffocating in a high-security prison, were canvassing the hidden face of the american dream, of the conquest of the west to our days.

With Dragged him on the asphalt , the nightmare continues. Zahler films the lapse of two cops laid off after working too muscular on a drug dealer. The scene was filmed by a local resident. Lack of pot, the criminal was hispanic. Racism, as it makes a mess in the job a thankless…

The staging leaves little room for the light. Cigarettes glow in the dark. The dry humor, is black as the coffee. The violence is lurking in the shadows and prepares to leap like a fawn. Attention to the bullets lost. Backfires of Tarantino are not far away. The nihilism of Friedkin ( The Convoy of the few r) either. Zahler films his characters from a distance. It traps them in a fate where everything seems lost. In the darkness lost all moral values. The gendarmes have replaced the thieves – at least that it is not the reverse. After all, one is never better served than by oneself. The proposal of the filmmaker is a radical one. It seems like a bad dream. One, an America disenchanted that no longer believes in anything.

*Dragged on the bitumen, detective movie from S. Craig Zahler with Mel Gibson, and Vince Vaughn, available on DVD and VOD on August 3.