LE FIGARO.- You double Broly and son Goku over the past thirty years. Today, they are at the heart of Dragon Ball Super: Broly , the twentieth feature film of the saga. What attachment do you have with these characters?

Brigitte LECORDIER.- son Goku accompanied me during all these years of lots of different ways. Initially, he was only a cartoon character. And then going to Japan, where I was invited to meet my japanese counterpart, I realized the impact that had Dragon Ball , and that “Goku” was much more than that. It has brought me a lot of knowledge, joy, adventures, and encounters.

son Goku. Called tôei Animation Company

Mark LESSER.- Broly is a character that we have not seen a lot in the universe Dragon Ball . I had doubled for the first time in the early 1990s in a movie ( in 1993 in Dragon Ball Z: Broly, le super guerrier, ED. ). It is surprising to find today in a feature film, where it occupies a central place. Also, I double also the characters of Trunks of the future and Gohan adult.

Is this a challenge to lend his voice to several characters within the same universe?

Mark LESSER.- Yes, this represents a small challenge. Especially when the characters find themselves together in the same scenes. In this case, it is necessary to play on their personality in order to feel the difference. For example, Trunks is more warrior and more mature while Gohan is more blundering and lightweight.

Brigitte LECORDIER.- To Videl, who is very warlike, I use my natural voice. For C-18, I’m going to look for something more feminine in my voice. Each character has a different personality…

Dragon Ball , that is 250 million copies sold around the world, 45 video games, 638 animated episodes and 20 movies since 1986. How do you explain the longevity of this success?

Brigitte LECORDIER.- I often ask the question to my fans when I meet them at conventions. I think that when the little Goku arrived, they too were small. They had an appointment with him every Wednesday. They have grown up with him. At the beginning, people were critical vis-à-vis Dragon Ball . They saw that the violence of martial arts fighting. But as in any martial art, behind the battle, there is a philosophy. That of Dragon Ball , is that the union makes the force. That work always pays. These values have dampened the spectators and helped them to grow during all these years.

do You remember the highlights during the dubbing of Dragon Ball ?

Brigitte LECORDIER.- I remember the arrival of Gohan. He weeps for 11 episodes. I had to cry eleven times 26 minutes (laughter). Dragon Ball is a cartoon that is intense. We can’t pretend, it should always give back.

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Mark LESSER.- With the benefit of hindsight, I have the memory box of the first times that we recorded. At the time, we were a dozen actors in front of the microphone. We had the feeling to belong to a troop. Unfortunately, a few people we have left… Including Pierre Trabaud, who was the artistic director of the time. It was the voice of the Turtle Great. Today, it is possible to record track by track. It happens to us record alone in the studio…

how long double-t-on a episode and a movie?

Mark LESSER.- For Dragon Ball Super: Broly , we put six days. I had two days of work. The episodes go a lot faster. It’s been about a dozen a week.

How does one become a voice actor?

Mark LESSER.- It is not a voice actor! It is an actor, and then we do the dubbing because the events of the life we have been given the opportunity. As for me, I had the chance to start very young. I was the School children of the show in the 1970s. I was seven years old for my first dubbing: it was the cat Berlioz in The Aristocats !

Brigitte LECORDIER.- Me, I arrived by chance in the dubbing. I’ve been a clown before joining a theatre troupe. As I was not great and I’ve always been younger than my age, I was playing often of children, such as Louison in Le Malade imaginaire at the theatre of Paris. Then, I heard that Amnesty International was seeking a little girl for a commercial. When they saw me, they thought I was a little girl. So I made this pub and then it was the trail of powder. Oddly, then, I switched roles to little girls at those little boys!

What qualities make a good voice actor?

Brigitte LECORDIER.- It must be a good actor, just. The timing is not the most important aspect in my opinion. On the other hand, it is necessary that the actor has something to give.

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Mark LESSER.- , There are actors geniuses who have never been able to implement because of technical constraints. He must be comfortable with these to be able to well enough to play the comedy.

Mark, you’ve doubled Joey, the character played by Matt LeBlanc in the legendary series Friends . Can you tell us about this experience?

Mark LESSER.- This was a great opportunity to work on this kind of character. So much that when a series lasts for several years as Friends , you see the actor change. Joey is a young man in the raw, spontaneous and a little kid, but that attracts the sympathy of the whole world. Before him, I had Cody, a character with a similar profile in the series Our Beautiful Family .

This is you happens to be recognized in the life of every day to the sound of your voice?

Mark LESSER.- Fairly regularly. Especially since Friends . It must be said that I have a particular stamp…

Brigitte LECORDIER.- This happened to me once at a fast food restaurant. The cashier had his head down. I asked him if it was possible to have a salad. She sat up with an expression of surprise on the face, saying to me: “But, you’re son Goku!”

Which character would you have liked to double it?

Mark LESSER.- With my patch, it is difficult to make the villain to the big voice…

Brigitte LECORDIER.- I like to play villains. It happened to me in a Disney movie. Otherwise, I would love to work with Pixar. Unfortunately, my voice is too associated with the world of japanese manga…

do you Watch movies in original version or dubbed?

Brigitte LECORDIER.- I don’t have a religion about it. That said, I know all the voices of my classmates, so it may sometimes take me out of the film if I recognize them. But, it doesn’t bother me that much.

Mark LESSER.- Hear the voice of the buddies in VF, it can hinder, even if I try to detach myself from it. For me, the thing is quite ambiguous because I’m franco-american. I switch from French to English quite easily. I admit that I tend to look at the original version.