successful take-Off for Dragons 3: The hidden world : since its release on February 22, the third installment of the saga flew directly to the top of the box office in north american, according to provisional figures published on Sunday by the specialized firm Exhibitor Relations. The animated movie produced by DreamWorks studios has collected $ 55.5 million between Friday – day output of films in the United States and Canada – and Sunday. What is the best way out of this the beginning of the year and the saga of Dragons . In this final episode of the trilogy, we find Hector and his dragon Krokmou, parties to the discovery of a world in which they did not suspect the existence.

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Dragon 3 overwrites and Alita: Battle Angel , which occupied the first place at the box office after its first week in theaters. The last animated film from Fox down to second place on the podium, with 12 million of revenues generated on the weekend – 60.7 million in two weeks. Adapted from a japanese manga and directed by Robert Rodriguez ( El Mariachi , Sin City ), Alita: Battle Angel tells the fighting of a cyborg in search of his past.

2 million spectators French for Dragon 3

On the third step of the podium, The Great Lego Adventure 2 , a film inspired by a famous construction game, has earned $ 10 million for its third week of operations ($84 million). Making a spectacular comeback for its second week, Fighting With My Family , in which a young girl embodied by Florence Pugh tent with his family to become a star in the wrestling, is fourth in the standings with $ 8 million.

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Fifth, Isn’t it romantic , a parody of a romantic movie, with australian actress Rebel Wilson, has earned $ 7.5 million on the weekend, and nearly 33.8 million in two weeks. The last place in the top 10 is occupied by Run the Race , a drama of american faith, which garnered $ 2.3 million for its first week.

In France,the success is also waiting for you to Dragon 3 . Two weeks after its release, the adventures of Hector and Krokmou have already gathered nearly 2 million spectators in the dark chambers. After having occupied the second position at the box-office in its release, the animated film backward now two places behind Alita: Battle Angel , Ralph 2.0 and the unbeaten what is it again God? , which proved a massive hit since its release on 30 January. Released five years ago, the previous pane of Dragons had made a total of 3.283.015 entries in France. And the third episode is on track to achieve a successful landing.