They have become the outcasts of an entire country in the space of a few days. First referred to there are a little over a month in an investigation of tax evasion and drug trafficking, the popular singer Seungri was indicted earlier this week for “incitement to prostitution”. After the publication by the chain of television, SBS excerpts of private conversations, he is now his friend Jung Joon-young, the leader of a rock band, that has attracted the ire of the Korean population. A growing magnitude, the case could also reveal several cases of corruption within the police.

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Jung Joon-young has announced that it wants to spend “the rest of his life thinking about the immorality and the illegality of its actions”. Capture Instagram sun4finger

“I acknowledge all my crimes, said Jung Joon-young in a letter of apology on Tuesday evening. I’ve filmed women without their consent, I have shared the images in a cat and while I was doing it, I didn’t feel a great guilt.”

According to SBS , the conversation grouped, in which he shared the evidence of his ‘conquests’, brought together eight members, three of which artists men, among whom was Seungri and the guitarist of the band FT Island, Choi Jong-hun. “As if it was normal, Jung Joon-young was filming the women and treated them as objects,” says SBS . It was fun to shoot in an unlawful manner, while being aware of the criminal nature of his acts”. After the publication of the letter of apology, the agency Jung Joon-young announced in a press release has broken his contract with him.

in Parallel to the ongoing investigations, the Korean media continue to dig this cat, which date from 2015 to the search for other items compromising. In one of the last excerpts released by the channel, the singer encourages the other members of the group to “find themselves all on the Net, go to a club of strip-tease, and rape [someone] in a car”. In another, while the member “Kim” said that he had a sexual relationship with a woman after having given him sleeping pills, Joon-young replied: “It is a rape,” followed by a smiley face.

strong suspicions of police corruption

Asked Tuesday by radio CBS , the lawyer who was given the excerpts of the conversation to the authorities said suspect the police of south korea to be involved in this case. He preferred to enter the Commission on civil rights and anti-corruption in order to preserve, in any case, for a time, the identity of the whistleblower, his or her client. Without disclosing the names of police officers suspected corrupt, he admitted that he found among the files of the elements that suggest that some of the offences allegedly committed by members of the group would have been nipped in exchange for sums of money.

A corruption that would have already saved Jung Joon-young in the past. In 2016 already, a former girlfriend lodged a complaint against him for having been filmed without their consent during sexual acts. The police had then seized the phone of Jung Joon-young. He reportedly said his phone is “broken” and would have it sent in for repair to the place. According to the reports of the american media Soompi , a police officer would have asked the company in possession of the mobile to certify in writing the inability to access data on the phone. The company would have refused. The police investigation was closed without waiting for the results of the analysis, and Jung Joon-young was acquitted, after the abandonment of the charges by the young woman.

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In a press conference Tuesday, the commissioner-general of the national police Korean, Min Gap Ryeong, is committed to verify diligently any involvement of the police in such cases. “If crimes are discovered during the investigation, they will be judged as it should be, regardless of the status of the concerned,” he said.

The tree that hides the forest Kang Kyung-yun is a journalist at the origin of the initial investigation on the exploitation of prostitution conducted by Seungri. Youtube Capture ‘Video Mug’

The reporter from SBS , Kang Kyung-yun, was keen to point out that the scandals of Seungri and Jung Joon-young must not in any case conceal the business of the club Burning Sun, the star of K-pop Seungri was the director of public relations. “The controversy center around the Burning Sun on topics that are very serious like drugs, the use of hidden cameras, the connections with the police, etc, of course that we must continue our investigations.”

It could also be that this shock wave exposes the great day of actions too frequent and often ignored in the industry in south Korean entertainment. “I think that this is a case of famous men who are secretly women, is a huge problem related to the treatment of women as sexual objects, to the distorted perception of sexuality that follows, and to use the corrupt power within this industry,” points out investigative journalist.

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If celebrities are subject to intense public pressure and need to maintain a respectable image, that is, they represent the spearhead of the cultural south Korean economy. The government actively supports such as export product, which aggravates the shock wave caused by the scandal. The police recently announced that Jung Joon-young and Seungri will be interviewed on the same day, Thursday, march 14.