+++ 27. October: the manufacturer strongly advise against eating Sushi out of a box from Penny and Aldi-shelves +++

manufacturer recall Sushi boxes from the shelves of the discounters Penny and Aldi Süd. From the consumption of these products with the use-by-date 30. October is strongly discouraged, warned Natsu Food in Neuss and Shisu in Leipzig on Saturday.

“It cannot be excluded that, in individual cases, black hard plastic can in the salmon salad component.” Affected: Ready Sushi Box Hana and Ready Sushi Box Kiku from the Penny markets, as well as snack time Sushi Box Sunakku and snack time Sushi Box Shokuji of Aldi Süd.

The companies have the affected products, according to information from the sale. Customers can return the purchased item for a refund of the purchase price.

+++ 26. October’s brewery and Penny will return your call erroneously as alcohol-free labeled beer “Turmbräu Export” + + +

The brewery in Braunschweig returns to the supermarket Penny in several States displaced beer “Turmbräu Export PET bottle (0.5 l)”. The alcoholic drink was accidentally with the wrong back label of the “Turmbräu alcohol-free” stickers, the company said on Friday.

It could therefore be unintentional, alcohol consumption, warned the brewery. Of the recall of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and the Saarland are affected. According to the figures, it is solely the 0.5 litre PET-bottle with the date of minimum durability 04/2019 and the lot numbers L:00 F12 01 up to and including L:23 F12 59. Is concerned, therefore, only the PET-container variant.

The return from the trade has already been initiated, informed the brewery. The affected products may be returned against refund of the purchase price in the respective procurement markets. The brewery regretted any inconvenience.

+++ 23. October: BMW recalls more than one Million vehicles because of problems with the air conditioning +++

Due to problems with the air conditioning the BMW has to get in the world more than one Million more vehicles in the workshop. It is in this context, already the second recall this year, as the automaker announced on Tuesday. In the case of the affected diesel could leak out because of the problems of cooling liquid vehicles. In the extreme case of fire was danger. Already in August, BMW had established for this reason, 480.000 diesel vehicles. Overall, therefore, are affected now 1.6 million cars worldwide. The holder will be contacted.

+++ 22. October: Stiftung Warentest warns of acid in the game slime for kids +++

“Stiftung Warentest” has taken five so-called Slime-products for children closer under the magnifying glass. The mucus products by means of boric acid, its characteristic consistency, as it says in the article on the Portal “test.de” however, such a high acid would have been found in all examined products, concentrations, that they should not have been sold. European limit values were significantly exceeded. It would not exclude the possibility that children Playing with the products in addition to skin contact, ingestion and parts thereof. Too much boron in the body, in turn, can cause diarrhea, vomiting and cramps.

+++ 19. October: raw milk cheese due to E. Coli risk +++

called a displaced Belgian raw milk has been recalled-soft cheeses because of the risk of Ehec infection. This is the Federal office for consumer with informed protection and food safety in Braunschweig, Germany. It is the in several States product, marketed with the name “Petite Fleur herbs,” the date of minimum durability 08.11.2018 and the additional indication of “Lot 3603”, as a manufacturer Dischhof/Belgium has been specified.

According to the Schwabacher company in an investigation of verotoxigenic were found E. coli in the cheese, the as a potential Ehec apply. “From a human consumption of the affected product is strictly not recommended”, the company said.

The Ehec can cause bloody diarrhoea and in severe cases lead to kidney failure, but there are also inconspicuous progressions. The severe course of a disease ends in about two percent of the cases fatal. In the spring of 2011, the largest German e-Coli epidemic had cost 53 people their lives. In Germany, the disease occurs again and again, every year, about 1000 cases of Ehec are reported cases.

+++ 18. October: Bic warns of Cheap lighters +++

A lighter manufacturer has warned of high risks of an accident by Asian cheap goods in Germany: The French company Bic a put, therefore, on Thursday file a complaint with the EU Commission. In Germany, such as France, 86 per cent of the traded lighters contrary to the standard ISO 9994, which, among other things, a maximum flame height and fall safety prescribes, argues the company, which has in the EU with a market share of around 20 percent.

According to the group, with headquarters in Paris by dangerous cheap lighters, especially from Asia Europe caused far each year 30,000 serious accidents, with third-degree burns. Up to 80 percent of the accidents in Germany and France could be avoided in compliance with the standards, stresses the Bic. The manufacturer of pens, lighters and shavers for years against dangerous lighters to the field. He had filed eight years ago already lodged a complaint against the Netherlands, the process is still running. Most of the lighters from Asia arrive via the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam in the EU.

+++ 17. October: Adidas is calling children’s swimwear

The sports article manufacturer Adidas children’s swimwear, for security reasons, recalled. Children up to and including 14 years of age will not strongly recommended to use the swimsuits, Bikinis and swimwear, the so-called Infinitex 3-stripes series, the company said in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Current customers report according to the three trademark stripes on the sides of the pieces of clothing in case of contact with water would solve part of it. Some of the loops could be created in which the children could get tangled.

The clothes could be returned under a refund of the full purchase price of Adidas or its authorized dealers, the company said. The sale of the products had been stopped.

+++ 12. October: recall of Aldi Süd sold nest swing Fullscreen

the product picture of the recall’s nest swing

©Aldi Süd

Because of the potential risk of injury to the company Flexxtrade GmbH & co. KG is calling your Aldi Süd, sold by nest shopkel back. As the discounters communicate in a customer information on its website, could not be ruled out that the metal rings for the suspension of the swing at a very high load on open. It is therefore recommended to use the article.

according to this, the producer from the callback provides the affected customers with a completely new, pre-assembled cable system that should be replaced against the old one. The Discounter is asking customers to put the free phone number 00800-7847874 or by sending an Email to flexxtrade-de@teknihall.com directly with Flexxtrade. Customers should want to the article, however, will be returned to you, so you could give it back to all Aldi-Süd stores. The purchase price will be refunded without proof of purchase.

+++ 8. October: net Teewurst recalls due to E. coli risk +++

The discount chain calls net as a preventive measure batches of nationwide in its stores-selling product, “Stockmeyer Teewurst coarse Walder kind of” in 125-gram back to rügen-Cup. In the framework of official investigations of E. coli were bacteria discovered, it says on the side of the company. Affected packages with the consumption data 6.10.2018, 8.10.2018 and 9.10.2018. Customers who have purchased the affected products, they can give in trade for a refund of the purchase price. The manufacturer at the phone number 05426 / 82-580 information.

A disease with the proven germ outer usually within a week with diarrhea and abdominal cramps. And further: “in Particular, infants, young children, the elderly, and people with a weakened immune system may develop severe disease”. Who has eaten the affected product should consult with Symptoms doctor.


net risk batches of these Teewurst calls due to E. Coli-back

©net +++ 29. September: bakery calls back Rewe-bread, even Penny

A bread in the retail chain Rewe could be contaminated with plastic particles. The bell bread bakery called the bread “Rewe Best choice Pro Vital sections, 500 g” with the date of minimum durability 01.10.2018 in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland, as a precautionary measure.

“It is not excluded that some of the black plastic particles in the product. The company strongly advises against the consumption of the above-mentioned product,” said the bakery. Customers could return the bread back and get your money. Customer requests, to answer a Hotline under 069 – 42087 – 276 (Monday to Friday, 7 am to 17 PM, Saturday from 7 to 17 o’clock).

Already on Thursday, bell bread had cuts to his in Penny-markets-selling “a Baker coronation Pro Vital, 500 g” from the same Batch recalled.

+++ 26. September: Ikea recalls ceiling light, Calypso +++

Ikea calls all the customers, the after 1. August 2016 to have purchased a Calypso ceiling lamp, to check the date stamp on the product. The Swedish company received reports from customers about falling glass shades. To reduce the risk for customers, calling back to Ikea for the lamps. Affected devices were manufactured with and between the date of stamping 1625 until 1744. The customer will receive in exchange a new Calypso ceiling lamp or the full refund of the purchase price. A proof of purchase was not necessary. “The probability that the screen falls down, is very low, however, Ikea is calling back the product because of the possible danger,” explains Emilie Knoester, Business Area Manager of Lighting and Home Smart at Ikea of Sweden.

+++ 21. September: the plastic in the meatballs discovered Aldi Nord recalls meatballs +++

The Discounter Aldi Nord its customers informed about the recall of the product “Scandinavic’s meatballs, 1000 g”. The manufacturer is Tillman’s Convenience GmbH have found in the deep-frozen article blue plastic foreign body. Before eating, the meatballs will be warned.

Aldi Nord has withdrawn the product from sale. Customers who have purchased the product with the minimum durability date 28.02.2019 already, can it provide for a refund of the purchase price in all stores.


Aldi Nord has the affected product from the sale

©Screenshot maker +++ 13. September: Bayer must must warn for Iberogast to possible liver damage notes +++

The pharmaceutical company Bayer on the package insert for a prescription stomach medicine Iberogast in the future, also very rare, but serious liver damage. The company had agreed to the arranged Changes within four weeks to implement, informed the competent Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM). Be caused the damage of the in Iberogast contained celandine.

the Background to the decision to be new reports of liver damage in connection with the application of the Drug, according to the authority. Including one in July of 2018 has become aware of a second case of liver is in liver failure-transplant, ended, ultimately, fatal.

We are still to the positive risk-Benefit ratio of Iberogast in the approved indications,” it said in a recent statement from Bayer.

+++ 13. September: broken glass in parbaked rolls – Rewe returns to “Rewe Best choice tomato olive bread rolls” + + +

The supermarket group Rewe leaves his part-baked rolls to the own-brand “Rewe Best choice” call back. It is the bread, the Munich-based bakery Panificio Veritas GmbH. In the packaging glass fragments could be included, the company said on Wednesday. Before the consumption of the affected products are therefore urgently advised against.

The callback is success purely as a precaution. “It cannot be excluded that in the packaging of small transparent pieces of Glass are included. Before consumption is not recommended, therefore, urgently,” said a sales Manager of Panificio Veritas, Stefan Gaugigl.

the 400-gram pack with a date of minimum durability 30.10.2018 be Affected. Products with different expiry dates are not affected. Approximately 500 had been sold in Rewe shops in Baden-Württemberg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, and Schleswig-Holstein. The bread with olives and tomatoes were since 20. August in the trade.

The company responded immediately and the product concerned from the sale. Probably there had been maintenance work on the equipment of the impurities. Customers may return the product in the respective market return and get the purchase price refunded, without submission of receipts.

+++ 12. September: Rossmann calls back digital pregnancy test +++

After the digital pregnancy test from facelle has displayed incorrect results, calling back Rossmann the product now. As stated in a communication from the drugstore chain, does not meet the Test of quality standards. The display had identified some of the faulty positive pregnancies. Rossmann calls on his customers, all of the packs of pregnancy tests with the item number 4305615580968 return. The purchase price will be refunded.


Rossmann calls back this product

©Screenshot maker

sources: Rossmann, Rewe, Bayer, Aldi Nord, Ikea, Netto, Aldi South,

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