Drunk Russians trying to teach stepdaughter to swim and drowned in her eyes

in Perm In the eyes of a child was killed by her 37-year-old stepfather. The girl was saved, but she was traumatized.

according to 59.ru the incident occurred on Monday on one of the unauthorized beaches on the right Bank of the Kama. The man rested there with the wife and eight-year-old stepdaughter. He drank and decided to teach the girl to swim. The Permian started with the child in the water in our bathing place and began to sink. The owner of the local cafe Armen Kocharian managed to rescue the girl, but the man went under water and Armen couldn’t find it.

Later the body of a man later pulled from the river by rescuers. The physical health of the girl harm, the incident is not brought, but she was in shock.

After the tragedy, the child still had to worry about the police. There she was brought together with his mother, which police officers made the Protocol on improper ispolnenii parental responsibilities.