Dude called a

Journalist Yuri Dude in his Instagram commented on the voting on the amendments to the Constitution, calling it a “disgrace”. He noted that the only meaning of this vote to give President Vladimir Putin to remain in power after 2024, another 12 years. “There are a lot of reasons why this is very bad, but best of all is explained Vladimir Putin”, — wrote Dude, your post with video from the press conference of the President in 2008, where he stated that “from the first day of work as the President of the Russian Federation” decided for themselves not to violate the Constitution. “They say the biggest addiction of all is power. I have never felt this. I have never been dependent on what a person whatsoever. I believe that if the Lord gave me such happiness — to work for the good of his country, to which I always felt, and feel, you have to be grateful to for this. This in itself is a great reward. To pick out for yourself some awards or to assume that, once climbed to some authoritative chair, it should belong to you for life, to the grave, think it is absolutely unacceptable,” Putin said. Dude admitted that he does not know what to do: to boycott the vote or come and say “Against”. “Personally, I will probably hold out until the last day of voting and will choose 1 or 2 at the last moment”, — he added.

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