Dude has supported the residents of Khabarovsk who

Journalist and blogger Yuri Dude commented on mass protests in Khabarovsk, which did not subside after the resignation of Governor Sergey Furgala.

about the Furgala blogger did not write flattering words, Recalling that membership of an official in the liberal democratic party “requires a very deep and often shameful compromise.”

At the same time a Dude expressed the delight of the residents of Khabarovsk that “peaceful, numerous and daily demand respect and choice”.

Recall, Furgal was arrested July 9 on charges of murder and attempted murder of businessmen in the 2000-ies. Rally in his support in Khabarovsk began on July 11, the most ambitious event took place on 18 July — it was reported 50-80 thousand.

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