Duma Deputy: the law on the right of tenants to terminate the agreement will facilitate the resolution of disputes

The law on the right of tenants to terminate the contract unilaterally, to avoid conflicts with landlords. About it in interview to journalists, the Agency urban news “Moscow” said the Deputy of the Parliament Valery Golovchenko. According to him, the law provides some relief for tenants, however, it monitors the interests of landlords. “What would happen if it (the law) was not? So would people in court to defend their rights. Yes, it is good that it is temporary. When everything is back to normal, we had to go back to normal life,” said Golovchenko. The MP stressed that the adopted law will facilitate the resolution of conflicts between landlords and tenants. “That will facilitate the resolution of conflicts, Yes. But I was and still am a supporter of non-conflict and negotiation. That is, the sides should sit at the negotiating table, they must hear “each other’s pain” and choose the most appropriate solutions” — said Golovchenko. According to him, for landlords and tenants it is “difficult” times. “The situation we face now — challenges us time and the current situation, it is quite serious. It was a test of these relations. I know a great number of examples where landlords simply said “pay communal” and all because they were interested in the tenant. And similarly, the tenant said I don’t want to leave, I believe it’s all over, and I need to work on, so let’s agree on some holidays, some installments. And people found a common language,” said og. However, he noted that when one of the parties is trying to manipulate the other, referring to the coronavirus, force majeure, it is wrong. We will remind that the Federation Council approved the law on the right of the tenants propertythe physical volumes to terminate the contract unilaterally. This measure was proposed against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. The law will be valid until 1 October 2020. The paper is part of a package of amendments on business support during a pandemic. Recall that the “lease” law, the state Duma adopted on may 22. The document gives the lessee the right to unilateral refusal of the contract. Losses due to the termination of the agreement to reimburse is not necessary — only security payment, if any. Got the opportunity the subjects of small and average business of the most affected areas. When evaluating law experts differ in opinion. The authorities in the fight against the epidemic has suspended the work of a considerable part of the business in March. From 28 March, President Vladimir Putin sent paid non-working days. Simultaneously, the regional leaders imposed a ban on the activities of many entrepreneurs. So, restaurants, cinemas, beauty salons and not only suffer losses due to the forced “downtime”. To help business, 7 may 2020, the government introduced a bill under which the tenants can terminate the lease without any refund. According to the document, a bona fide tenant could abandon the lease without any compensation, and could also demand the return of security Deposit. Right was given to persons whose income after the introduction of the mode of increased readiness has fallen by 50% or more. On 21 may, the state Duma in the second reading, made changes in the law and took it, and 22 of the same month referred it to the Council of the Federation in the new edition. In a new wording the right to terminate the contract unilaterally have only small and medium-sized businesses. And only those who are most affected by coronavirus infection. The right to terminate will arise only in the case that the landlord will not reduce rent to the contractor on his request or refuse in another change CONVOvi of the contract. How much the price should be reduced, the law is not specified. The agreement must be concluded within 14 working days after the request of a tenant with this requirement. To reduce the amount of rental dues for a period of one year. The right to unilateral termination occurs, if the lease was concluded before the introduction of high alert or emergency. Also, the tenant is entitled to cancel the contract no later than October 1, 2020. Security Deposit upon termination of the contract will remain with the lessor. But the losses that are associated with the early termination of the agreement, the tenant will not be charged.

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