“I want the magistrates of the judicial order to be paid like the magistrates of the administrative order”, indicated on BFMTV the Minister of Justice, who must detail this measure during the new cycle of discussions on the States General of the justice which opens this Monday.

The increase will be “around 1,000 euros gross on average” per month, added the Keeper of the Seals, who did not specify either the timetable or the cost of this measure.

According to him, the remuneration of the magistrates of the judicial order, which summarily encompasses civil and criminal justice, had not been revalued “since 1996” and required an upgrade with the administrative judges, who are responsible for settling disputes. with the administration.

The minister thus claims to want to put an end to “years of abandonment” and to tackle the problems of “attractiveness” of the judiciary.

The question of the remuneration of magistrates figures very high in the demands recorded in the report of the States General of Justice, which drew up the observation of a state of “advanced dilapidation” of the institution, at the end of several months of consultations.

The Chancellery is opening new consultations from Monday to finalize a government action plan to be presented in October.