During the military exercises of the Minister of defence of Moldova whipped fish (video)

During a military exercise, in which participated the Minister of defence of Moldova Alexander Pynzar, there was a curious incident.

Pynzar cut through the waves on an armored personnel carrier with an open hatch, and at some point from the pond jumped out of the fish that hit him in the face, then flew into the cabin of the Minister and fell under the feet. The video published on the page in Facebook Pensare.

the Video, he signed with the words “I’m not a big fan of fishing but all fishermen I wish you the same luck, what I received, that not expecting”. The situation the Minister called ridiculous and funny.

Recall that in the present time the Black sea coast of Bulgaria are the exercises Sea Breeze 2020, which involved the armed forces of ten of the NATO countries — Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Romania, Georgia, Spain, France, Turkey and the United States.

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