During the protests in Berlin have detained more than 130 people

at least 45 policemen were injured during protests in the German capital Berlin, which was called “coronavirus” constraint.

According to the newspaper Focus, about 20 thousand participants of the rally in the city centre, police detained 133 the most violent, they were accused of violating public order and use of force for law enforcement. Against violators under investigation.

it is Noted that the protesters did not comply with the security measures, the police demanded to stop the event early. After that, the demonstration under the slogan “freedom Day — the end of pandemics” escalated into riots and clashes.

yesterday it was reported that in the ranks of the protesters was presented to the actual supporters of the conspiracy theory that the fashion industry does not exist, and the neo-Nazis and people who are simply tired of the limitations. All participants were without masks.

This was the scene in Berlin, where an estimated 17,000 people defied social-distancing and mask requirements to join a protest supported by neo-Nazi groups, conspiracy theorists and others who said they were fed up with the restrictions.

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— The New York Times (@nytimes) August 1, 2020