During the protests in Lebanon were injured nearly 500 people

In the Lebanese capital Beirut has doubled the number of victims during clashes between protesters and police.

According to the channel “al-Manar”, the various injuries to 490 people, the security forces used weapons and tear gas.

new data On victims no, earlier it was reported about the first victims among law enforcement officers.

“During clashes between security forces and protesters in Central Beirut and injured 490 people”, — says the message.

Earlier it was reported that under the control of the protesters moved on the building of the Ministry of the economy, the environment, the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of energy. The reason for the protests was a powerful explosion that rocked Beirut in the port on 4 August and destroyed half of the buildings in the city. The explosion killed 158 people, 20 more unaccounted for. Various wounds have received more than 6 thousand people.