Durov has accused Apple and Google in total control over apps users

мессенджераTelegram Founder Pavel Durov has accused Apple and Google in total control of apps billions of users worldwide can install on their smartphones.

He believes that this situation is paradoxical and harmful not only for users and application developers, but global progress and national economies as a whole.

“Apple and Google owe their monopoly position on the market is the authors third-party applications for their platforms,” he wrote in his telegram channel, adding that one-third of its profits to the developers have to pay as Commission.

According to him, the monopolists exploit the people twice: first, developers create apps that provide a competitive advantage, and then give a third earned.

He pointed out that Google still provides a limited ability to run apps outside the Play store, and Apple “does not allow its users to go a single step beyond their closed ecosystem”.

Durov said that he was going to participate in discussions with regulators in the European Union started an antitrust investigation against Apple. “Users should be free to run apps on their smartphones — just as they are now able to install any programs on their computers,” he believes.

“to Disturb the two supranational corporations to collect tax from the whole of humanity is a difficult task,” — said Durov. He called to speak out against the monopoly of Apple and Google in the market of mobile applications.

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