Each Director and famous pianist died after Contracting coronavirus in Moscow

In Moscow is found dead, the famous jazz pianist Nikolai Kapustin.

the Musician died at the age of 81 at his apartment in the North-West of Moscow on July 2, but it has become known only now, “KP”, citing a relative of the artist who was next to him.

the Publication said that the composer had previously identified coronavirus: he died of complications at COVID-19.

Nikolai Kapustin has created more than 160 works, including concertos for piano, violin and compositions for ensembles. His works were performed by such stars of the world stage as Marc-andré Hamelin, Steven Osborne, ludmil Angelov, Masahiro Kawakami.

the Publication notes that Kapustin’s still time training at the Moscow school became friends with future actor and theatre and film Director Andrei Konchalovsky.

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