“This council, which I will launch myself, will be triggered immediately after the legislative elections” of June 12 and 19, announced the Head of State in an interview with several regional dailies broadcast on Friday evening.

It will respond to the “five” objectives of the Macron II five-year term: “independence (industrial, military, food…), full employment, carbon neutrality, public services for equal opportunities and democratic rebirth with institutional reform”.

And will act on the priorities defined at the start of the mandate: purchasing power, health, education and ecological transition.

Assuming the parallel with the National Council of Resistance (CNR) during the Second World War, the president estimated that France lived in a “comparable time”, while Marine Le Pen denounced “yet another artifice of communication”.

“We are in a historic era which requires a profound change of model and then the war is here”, in Ukraine, said Mr. Macron, unfolding his “new method” of governance promised during the presidential campaign.

“The French are tired of reforms that come from above,” said the head of state, who had already mentioned the day before the need to reverse the “pyramid”.

For this, the National Council for Refoundation will associate “the political, economic, social, associative forces, elected representatives of the territories and citizen(s) drawn by lot”, he detailed.

After a “first sequence of several days”, it will meet within the framework of “regular meetings” and will first tackle purchasing power, the number one concern of the French.

“As of this summer, the purchasing power law and a simplification and emergency text for energy projects will be passed,” he said.

Regarding the food check, “the idea is rather that it be paid in one go”, he said, therefore a priori ruling out regular payments, on which it is then more difficult to return.

Targeted measures will also be put in place, in particular on gasoline with a “device for large wheelers starting this fall”. The 18 cent rebate on fuel will be extended in August, he also confirmed

– No state of grace –

The pension reform, which the executive has rather muted as the legislative elections approach, will come into force “from the summer of 2023”, assured the president, without going into details.

On school and health, once the “objectives and means” have been defined, discussions will begin “from September” on the ground, “in the 1200 living areas”, involving “all the stakeholders”.

And on the hospital, he promised for “from July emergency decisions independent of the refoundation council”.

On a completely different subject, the possible lifting of the withdrawal of points for speeding less than 5 km / h, he also confirmed that work is in progress.

Emmanuel Macron refuted any downtime or sluggishness at the start of the five-year term, when questions began to arise even in the majority a week before the legislative elections.

“We must distinguish between acting quickly and strongly and precipitation,” he said, while conceding that he did not benefit from any state of grace at the start of his second five-year term.

The Borne government was quickly overtaken by accusations of rape against the new Minister of Solidarity Damien Abad and by the chaos at the Stade de France on the evening of the Champions League final which “outraged” him.

“The protection of the presumption of innocence is important (..) Damien Abad is entitled to it like any citizen. I hope he can carry out his work”, replied the head of state.

On the political level, he attacked his rivals, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen who, according to him, carry projects “of disorder and submission”.

While the rebellious leader wishes to become “Prime Minister” if the Nupes obtains a majority in the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron affirms: “It is rare to win an election in which one does not run. No political party can impose a name on the President .”