A thousandth, it is rare these days in theatre. Except for Alexis Michalik, who has celebrated a few months ago, the 2000th representation of the story , his first piece.

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The mood was joyful, Sunday, late in the afternoon, at the Palais-Royal, garden side, at the foot of the beautiful theater that plays Edmond from 2016. After Guillaume Sat, creator of the role (and who has valiantly taken on tour with his comrades), Benjamin Wangermée, it is currently Gaspard Gall, who plays Edmond Rostand in the throes of the creation of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Francis Nani, director of this very beautiful theater, can be proud to have mounted the production of Edmond (coin rejected by a large parisian theatre that needs to bite the fingers). As he said, with a smile: “You can’t stop a room full success!”. And so Edmond will continue next season!

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700.000 spectators for the film

Alexis Michalik, after a round at Roland-Garros and after having chained him with the spectacle of Zabou Breitman Logiquimperturbabledufou , it has found great arrived at the Palais-Royal, then, that had already met the teams of Edmond and of course friends from other shows. His own and other. Released at the beginning of the year, the film Edmond with Thomas Solivérès in the title role has collected about 700,000 spectators, as the room!

At the start of the four parts of Alexis Michalik will be shown at the same time in Paris. And his first novel will be in the hands of the critics! A volume of thick, white blanket published by Albin-Michel. Its title? Far . One more step in the path of this talented artist with the physique of a young.

moreover, it should be back on the boards in a few months, the beautiful Alexis. In a room that he will not be written. But as a performer. He is also a comedian ultradoué!

● The trailer for the film Edmond

EDMOND [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live