Funny discovery to make in a cabinet. By removing the sound device of a traveler, the security officers at Cairo international airport have fallen on the remains of mummies, reports the ministry of Antiquities of egypt in a publication that is shared on social networks.

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The bones were found in the speaker of a passenger travelling in Belgium, explained the head of the department of archaeological research of the ports egyptians. It would be, according to local authorities, an attempt to pass off the remains smuggled out of the country. “The bones were able to be discovered when X-rays detected the presence of a body unusual in the accessory,” says the press release. “The skeleton was examined by a committee of experts, which has confirmed its authenticity,” he added.

No information has been given on the smuggler.

Looting of the treasures of the egyptian cultural heritage

according to the director of the unit of archaeological research of the ministry of Antiquities, two feet, two legs, and the hand piece, the arm and the end of the torso hidden in the luggage of the traveler would belong to two mummies. Under the law of antiquities protection, and the bones have been seized and are currently preserved in the museum, where they are waiting to be restored.

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The land of the pharaohs has aroused a great interest among the smugglers and looters of the tombs for several years. Since the revolution of 2011, 3 billion worth of antiquities have been smuggled out of the country, according to the website Middle East Eye . The traffic of mummy is a real issue in cultural policy and to the egyptian government, which delivers a fierce battle in order to recover the treasures of its heritage plundered.