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Eight beautiful sets to drop under the christmas tree

The Looming Tower , a box of two DVD’s, Warner Bros, 29,99 €

In this series from a survey crowned with a Pulitzer prize, Tahar Rahim and Jeff Daniels revisit the divisions between the FBI and the CIA which has benefited al-Qaida in the late 1990s to develop and commit in fine, the attacks of September 11, 2001. The ten episodes are a work of fiction that claims a requirement of truthfulness of the documentary. With the integration of real tv news in particular. The bonuses reflect this philosophy, including an interview of the agent incarnated by Tahar Rahim, Ali Sufan, and return to shooting international.

photo Credit: Arte Editions Arte Boutique the name of the Father season 1, boxed set of four DVDS, in Arte Editions, 34, 99 €

Almost ten years after the series scandinavian on the front of the stage with Borgen, the scriptwriter Danish Adam Price to leave the arcane world of politics to the mysteries of the faith, and sign this new and intense fresco family, tinged with magical realism. For the past 250 years, the Krogh succession to the throne of the father to the son. Priest charismatic who has no equal for comfort the dying, and to attract the crowds, Johannes is well-positioned to become bishop of Copenhagen. But in private, the man of the Church is devoured by demons. Husband unfaithful to him, he does not resist to the appeal of the bottle and chairs tyranniquement the destinies of his sons. “Religion is the topic, the more controversial it is. It evokes all the way, when we speak of terrorism, of immigration, of integration, of the proper degree of secularization to be”, said Adam Price.

Sharp Objects , a box of two DVD’s, Warner Bros, 24,99 €

Basking in the success of Big Little Lies , the film director Jean-Marc Vallée has signed on to HBO for another series to fly high, reach again by heroines that are unforgettable. Dizzying adaptation of the first novel of Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl , Sharp Objects follows a journalist forced to confront his past and childhood traumas when she returns to her hometown in the story. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson offer a confrontation of mother and daughter glaçantes, all in a setting of sensory and hypnotic. DVDS lift the veil on how the series has created of all parts of the community stifling of Wind Gap.

photo Credit: Sony’s Outlander Store Outlander , season 1 to 3, Sony, 39,99 €

Immerse yourself there with your eyes closed. It is the favorite series from the author of Game of thrones , George R. R. Martin. From it also a saga literary river, The Thistle and the Tartan by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander, aired on Netflix in France, follows the wanderings through time to Clear. This nurse, who has just celebrated the armistice of 8 may 1945 wakes up in the Scotland of 1743, then in full revolt against the british Crown. Torn between her husband of the Twentieth century (Frank) and the Eighteenth century (the rebel Jamie), the young woman is going to have to navigate between the intrigues of the Court and the temptation to change History. In the skin of Claire, Caitriona Balfe embodies a heroine feminist challenging the conventions regardless of the time and the place (the wonderful Scotland, the Paris of Louis XV, or the Caribbean).

Game of Thrones , season 1 to 7, Warner Bros, 78,99 €

The winter has just begun. What better way to occupy the long, cool evenings to immerse yourself in the complex and supernatural power games and rivalries of court of Westeros? Review with emotions late and missing Ned and Robb Stark, discover a Daenerys still very naive, enjoy the wits of Tyrion are in the program of this package which also includes all the documentaries from HBO on the making of the saga. This gold mine of information you will to wait until April 2019 and dissemination of the final six episodes of the series all records.

photo Credit: Sony sony’s The Crown , season 1 and 2, Sony, 39,99 €

It seems that even Elizabeth II , and her children look on with curiosity. Specialist of the british crown since The Queen , which summarized how the death of Lady Di had shaken the monarchy, Peter Morgan has launched, with this series, in a huge biography or diary of the queen of England, and of his kingdom. Tensions between the sovereign and her husband, childhood melancholy of the prince Charles… The Crown restores the pump to Buckingham palace, but refuses hagiography. The enigmatic Claire Foy gives his features, and his restraint to the young Elizabeth II, from his marriage in 1947 to the late 60’s. This tour de force has earned the actress of First Man of numerous awards. Expected on Netflix in 2019, the season 3 will give place to Olivia Coleman.

The Handmaid”s Tale , season 1 and 2, MGM, 39,99 €

the Emblem of the movement #Metoo and the anti-Trump, the adaptation of the novel, Margaret Atwood has become a series symbol in spite of it. It sets the scene in the near future, the United States, theocratic, where women have no rights. The few still fertile have become the surrogates of the ruling caste, and are raped ritually. In another life a proofreader in a publishing house and as the mother of a little girl, June is now a “handmaid’s tale”, property of the commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) and his perverse wife Selena (Yvonne Strahovski, overwhelming ambivalence). Offering parallel painful with the news and history, the series that has extended the universe of Atwood sublime talent and the piercing eyes of Elisabeth Moss ( Mad Men ).

photo Credit: Fox Fox, The X-Files , season 1 to 11, Fox, 87,37 €

This is the ultimate package for fans of the series Chris Carter. It includes over 26 hours of bonus material (deleted scenes, behind the scenes, commentaries to the episodes), and most importantly allows us to rediscover the best investigations paranormal of Mulder and Scully. Well before the resurrections of the controversial made by the movie Régénérescences and the mini tenth and eleventh seasons. This trip in the past for tv’s and the 90’s helps us to understand the power of fascination of the soap opera, conspiracies yet so convoluted. One thing does not change, however: the complicity and the magical duo formed by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

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