Elderly citizens of St. Petersburg conductor ill with the coronavirus after the failure of the authorities to extend his sick leave

In St. Petersburg with the coronavirus fell ill 67-year-old local resident after the chief refused to issue him a medical certificate established in Russia for the elderly at the time of the pandemic. This was in the editorial office of “Rosbalt” said the son of the injured man, working as a conductor.

“Since the beginning of self-isolation, he was on sick leave, had no problems. But on 1 June he called and said categorically the next day to go to work or resign. He went,” said son.

In the end, my father worked until June 13, is not manifested elevated temperature and partial loss of smell. The doctor first diagnosed SARS, however, six days later confirmed COVID-19 — after the deterioration of health status and re-examination.

“Began to prescribe further treatment, antibiotic stronger. Him to the clinic with a temperature driven on x-ray. It turned out that 20% of the affected lungs, bilateral pneumonia. Took him to GP and the same day was hospitalized in the clinic at northwestern state medical University them. Mechnikov” — said the source.

According to him, the temperature has been down until now, his father was transferred to oxygen. In the incident he blames the transport enterprise of the city, which was forced to go to work.

“I can’t imagine how many people he came in contact during this time,” added the son.

Note that hospital working pensioners automatically extended several times, including in June. The measure provided for citizens over 65 years of age, observing the isolation mode and not switched to remote work.

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