Eleonora Abbagnato, étoile of the ballet of the Paris Opera and director of the ballet of the Opera of Rome did, would it seem, not like the last rehearsals of Romeo and Juliet of Sergej Prokofiev, theatre, Caracalla on July 25.

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According to the Corriere della sera , the Sicilian 41-year-old would be unleashed on the dancers. An unfortunate episode recounted in a letter published on the website of the Italian news agency Adnkronos . “On the occasion of the rehearsals of Romeo and Juliet July 25, at Caracalla, the director of the ballet, Ms. Eleonora Abbagnato, addressed to the company with formulas that is abusive, seriously affecting the personal dignity and professional dancers,” said the letter written by union representatives. “These words were followed by threats against certain members of the ballet: “my dick, if I renew your contract”. Before that, she was sent to the entire company by an explicit “Go get fucked”, accompanying his words with a finger,” says the letter.

Not first

Eleonora Abbagnato would have taken then to the Foundation of the Theater of Opera of Rome, in describing the places of “the theater of shit”. His attitude would be all the more shocked that the dancer would have tried to place the blame on the dancers, explaining that she lived in a climate that is weighing within the company. The oppressive atmosphere would not be, however, that “the reflection of his way to accomplish his role,” plague the union.

“most of The time, it delegates the preparation of the ballets assistants often ill-prepared”

The ballet company about Eleonora Abbagnato

according to the unions, he would not be the first blow of the blood of Eleonora Abbagnato. The young woman would have the habit of addressing himself in a manner offensive to the members of the ballet. “All feel that this behavior is not constructive, often disrespectful and not consistent with the role that it occupies. The other problem, and not least, its low presence within the theatre. Most of the time, it delegates the preparation of the ballets assistants often little prepared, who are working on the choreography with the help of videos. Evidence of a lack of professional attention and an interpretation of questionable value its role”, stated the representatives of the employees in their letter. The company request that the inappropriate behavior of Eleonora Abbagnato will be sanctioned by the foundation. It calls in particular for a change in the management of the company, and requires “a direction consistent with its prestige, the artistic point of view and management”.