Elevated levels of radiation recorded in Estonia

In Estonia, the experts recorded the isotopes of cesium, cobalt and ruthenium in the air. An increase of concentrations of radioactive particles reported Korcuska station radiation control Department of environment, reports ERR.

According to the adviser of the radiation division of the Department of Teeth Koitjarve, although the number of isotopes is not very high, however, you need to find out where those particles appeared. He explained that these isotopes are not the result of nuclear weapons tests, and probably originated from nuclear power plants or companies engaged in spent fuel.

Previously, the resonance was appeared in the news media that the bodies of nuclear and radiation safety in Sweden, Norway and Finland in June, recorded in the atmosphere over the territory of Northern Europe increasing concentrations of radioactive isotopes with so-called reactor origin. It was assumed that the isotopes allegedly received from Russia. However, later the Netherlands Institute denied this version.

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