Without even speaking of the one-man-shows that are more of the registry cafés-theatres, it would be necessary to count the number of shows to an actor. They multiply as small loaves of the Gospel, and it is arguably a sign of the renunciation of the government to really help the theaters and, therefore, their difficulty to balance financially. This is not to say that all of these solos are bad, quite the contrary, there are even excellent, such as, for example, Bronx with Francis Huster, or in the same Pocket Theatre, A heart as simple with the wonderful Isabelle Andréani. Elise Noiraud, which plays only The Scope of what is possible in the very interesting small room of the White Queen, is of this quality.

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A species of small-Philippe Caubère in petticoats, an actress of excellent that can do it all and moves from one character to another with dexterity and great veteran. Her room (she is the author) tells us a little of his personal journey of young girl from province, which is mounted in Paris to study and ended up discovering the theatre. A passion which, quite often, you know, do you loose more! This is not just being alone in the capital of the arts, especially when one has a mother, worse than a jewish mother. Because the piece focuses particularly on the relationships of mother and daughter.

It is touching and well seen. Elise loves her mother, who loves her badly, choking her. She understands that if she wants to live her life, he must break up with her. But how to get there without the hurt and then all the friends of the family are involved and the process of ungrateful? The transition to adult life is not a simple walk in the park, Elise, in fact, the experience… The show is lively, energetic, funny while being full of gravity and emotion. A success. It is a far cry, obviously, from the one-woman-shows are alike almost all, and that we can see to the shovel. This Elise-there will give you much pleasure. And it is not there for nothing if we always prefer to see a real piece of theatre…

● The Scope of what is possible to The White Queen 2a, pass. Alley (Xviii).
Tel.: 01 40 05 06 96. Hours: mar., game. and sam. at 20: 45.
Seating: 12 to 25 €. Duration: 1: 15 pm. Until the end of June. BOOK >