At this stage, it is even more of a delay. Wednesday at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, fans of Elton John have learned that their idol was cancelling his concert, about a half-hour after the start time announced, reports the american press. And this, while the show was full, there was the 20,000 tickets for this date of the long farewell tour of the international singer in his seventies – three years of concerts around the world – have been sold. The reason for this cancellation more than late? Elton John is suffering from an ear infection.

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The fans, many of whom had arrived well in advance and waited for two hours in the room, were notified of the cancellation via a message posted by the show room on Twitter. A mode of communication for the least cold, even though the Amway Center is committed to schedule a new date of concert performer of Candle in the Wind , inviting the spectators dashed to retain their tickets.

spectators disappointed to have spent for nothing

The promise of a new date has not prevented the fans of the singer to express their disappointment on social networks. A lot of people regret having spent the money for nothing, parking, goodies, food, drinks, or even in a hotel room for the fans not living in Orlando. They complain of not having been warned earlier on the grounds that the artist was necessarily suffering for several hours. After the concert, Elton John has warned at the last moment the organizers that it could not guarantee the show.

The artist hoped until the end to ensure its commitment

Some fans are, a contrario, an apology to the pop star for the defection of last minute. For them, if Elton John has acted in this way, it is that he hoped until the end to ensure this appointment with her public. A version confirmed by a message posted on the Twitter account of the singer. “We are sorry”, one can read in this post. “Elton is taking antibiotics to fight an ear infection and we were hoping that this would help fight the infection in time to ensure the concert of Orlando.”

The star has made the trip up to Orlando, but was waived at the last moment because he felt that he was not fit enough and that his doctors tell him déconseillaient to sing. The star won’t be singing no more Thursday night in Tampa, Florida. It is well possible that other dates are cancelled: Elton John has a “take a few days of rest to eliminate the infection”. But promises to be back on stage “as soon as possible”.