The noose tightens on the family Boudou. Manager companies Mamour and Artists, and Promotion, in charge of the image and of the revenue from tours of Johnny, Elyette Boudou, the grand-mother of Laeticia Hallyday, was presented before an investigating judge on Thursday morning, reveals Closer .

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According to the magazine, the octogenarian has left his town of Marseillan (Hérault), a few days ago, to get to Paris. She went to the tribunal de grande instance of Paris on Thursday 3 October in the morning. “This is not me, it is the lawyer who manages, said it Midi Free , in 2014. Me, Johnny had asked me. I told him yes but on the condition of not paying taxes…”

business to repetition

This is not the first encounter with the justice for the clan Boudou. On April 4, 2018 at the morning, in the midst of the war of succession around Johnny Hallyday, Gregory Boudou, the brother of Laeticia Hallyday, was arrested at his home near Cap d’agde (Hérault) and placed into custody on the SRPJ of Béziers. The police wanted to hear in the course of their investigation on “suspicion of violations of financial”.

Laeticia Hallyday, too, had trouble with the finance ministry and the justice. In June 2016, after twelve years of legal battle, the Council of State confirming the recovery of tax 68,000 euros from the brother and the sister. Co-owners of the walls of the Amnesia, Cap d’agde, they had failed to declare the VAT from the night-club between 2001 and 2013. As a staff, Gregory Boudou is convicted, in addition to 3, 000 euros for the criminal to “opposition to a tax audit.”

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last June, it is the father of Laeticia Hallyday, Andre Boudou said “Dédou”, which was placed, in turn, while in custody in Béziers. The contractor was suspected of tax evasion in the management of the disco family-The Amnesia, Cap d’agde. Last September 12, he was summoned before the correctional court of Saint-Martin for violence against a man in his seventies, on the port of Saint-Martin. At the end of the trial the prosecutor has requested a ten-month prison sentence.

so Many cases that have had a significant impact on family life. In 2015, Johnny Hallyday takes his distances with his father-in-law. In April 2018, very affected by the involvement of his daughter in front of the justice ” with David Hallyday and Laura Smet as for the trouble with the tax authorities of his son Gregory, André Boudou had a heart attack in the Caribbean.