Embassy of Armenia urged his compatriots not to participate in provocations

the Armenian Embassy in Russia called living on the territory of Russian compatriots not to participate in any initiatives, campaigns or meetings, and to refrain from various appeals in social networks.

the call was reported to be involved in nor Nakhijevan diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Union of Armenians of Russia have issued a joint statement on the background of recent events in Moscow, said “Echo of Moscow”.

Recall that in the night of the 24th of July this year in the Moscow district of Marino has been a conflict between Azerbaijanis and Armenians. The Network spread the video. As reported by the TV channel “360”, the footage shows how one man jumping on the windshield of the SUV, and another man strikes the driver. Voice-over reports that the Azerbaijanis attacked the Armenians. In addition, as reported by the interior Ministry, last night unknown persons in the cafe, threatening visitors and staff, stole from the cash register 50 thousand rubles, damaged property and fled. Police arrested more than 25 people, participants in the mass brawl. Prosecuted after a series of robberies and vandalism, reported the press service of the MIA.

currently, police officers carried out the complex of investigative actions and operational activities.

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