“There will be no non-support. There have been a lot of false things that have been said (…). People will be supported. Either by calling the Samu beforehand, that’s what “We recommend because it will help direct people to appropriate care. When they go to the emergency room, they will be seen by paramedics who will be able to direct them,” he said.

“If it is a case that requires care, we have our mobile resuscitation teams who will take care of them at the door of the hospital to treat them and bring them to the hospital”, continued the minister. , which will bring together the directors of the Regional Health Agencies (ARS) during the day.

“This filtering is in fact an objective of better taking care of patients, in a sector that is more adapted to their condition”, said Mr. Braun, while the emergency services are sounding the alarm. on the lack of personnel and resources.

And this system could last beyond the summer, according to Mr. Braun: “All the measures are accompanied by an evaluation of their effectiveness during the three summer months. We will have to check the effectiveness of these measures. Indeed, if they work, if it works, we will extend them”.

To discuss the lack of nursing staff, François Braun will bring together representatives of liberal and hospital doctors “together” next week. “We have to stop thinking in silos. The hospital on one side, the city on the other”.

He said he was opposed to the obligation of installation of doctors, believing that “it does not work, when you look at how it works in other countries which have tested it”.

The new minister also mentioned the 7th wave of Covid, when going on vacation, when wearing a mask is recommended, but not compulsory.

“We are currently in the 7th wave, there will be an 8th, there will probably be a 9th (…). We have to learn to live with this virus: it’s taking the right steps, c is hand washing, hydroalcoholic gel, wearing a mask when you are in crowded places. I ask the French for this day of great departure on vacation to put on the mask on trains, on buses, in all places where we are a little on top of each other“, he insisted.