Among these “short-term responses”, the head of government notably confirmed a “additional remuneration” for night work, with “a doubling of the increases for nursing staff” and a 50% increase for doctors’ guards. .

A way of “recognizing the difficult conditions of night work”, but which will first be “experienced for three months” before possible sustainability.

Liberal doctors will also be entitled to “a 15-euro increase in consultations if they welcome someone who is not part of their patient base”, to “encourage them to take people in unscheduled care”, added Ms. Thick headed.

Hoping to “mobilize all health professionals” to relieve emergencies, the Prime Minister also promised to “facilitate the process for retired doctors, so that they can remobilise”, to “allow medical centers on duty to be open on Saturday morning” or even to authorize new acts for pharmacists, physiotherapists and other caregivers, “for example renewing a prescription for chronic care”.

She also called on the population to call the Samu as a first resort: “What we want is that everyone can take the reflex of 15 and not systematically come to the emergency room”, she declared, judging ” impossible for the hospital to be able to meet all the healthcare needs of the French people”.

The generalized filtering of emergencies by the Samu was however not explicitly mentioned. This measure is however among the key proposals of the “flash mission” led by Dr François Braun, president of the Samu-Urgences de France association, who submitted his 41 recommendations to Matignon on Thursday.