“My excitement took over fear. It is a role that presents itself only once in your life,” says Emily Blunt in Figaro . Forget the numbers of song and dance worthy of the classics of the musical, such as Singing in the rain . Forget this magical sequence combining images in live action and animation in the old drawing, where the characters of the fresco of a vase come to life. The spark of magic of the Return of Mary Poppins , the sequel is almost a remake of the Disney classic, which came out in hall on Wednesday, this is it. To 35 years, the british actress, discovery assistant, tortured Meryl Streep in The Devil wears Prada is gliding with a natural disconcerting in the shoes of Julie Andrews, the performer original of the governess eccentric. She gave us behind the scenes of his transformation.

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“as a Child, I was carried away by the imagination of Mary Poppins. We felt in good hands with her. It was comforting, perhaps, by his strict and disciplinary,” remembers Emily Blunt. It is this duality that the actress wanted to bring out in giving life to her Mary Poppins. “She is very ill-mannered, sometimes surly, but she is full of empathy. It is a superhéroïne with a huge humanity. She is eccentric, strange, meticulous but practical and fantastic”. To reflect this personality, Emily Blunt is based on the costume designer Sandy Powell, who has found prints and colors bold. “Change into the clothes of Mary Poppins has been surreal”.

Emily Blunt has also disappeared in the new version of the novelist australian P. L Travers who gave life to Mary Poppins in the years 30. Other sources of inspiration come from this time were the “heroines of the sharp wit and not leaving, not tell”. The image of The lady from Friday with Rosalind Russell for “find the speech sometimes very fast” from Mary Poppins. The reunion with the classics of the musical were also in the program: Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang, The King and Me.

intensive Rehearsal

director Rob Marshall, a specialist in modern of the genre with Chicago and Nine, has submitted his players to a training as rigorous as to Broadway and that they perform their choreography and songs. The numbers of the Return of Mary Poppins are unpublished and do not include the titles of the movie from 1964, including the iconic Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious .

Emily Blunt, Joel Dawson, Nathanael Saleh, Pixie Davies. Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. / Jay Maidment

Several weeks of rehearsal from October 2015 to January 2016 have been necessary “in order to appropriate its staged spectacular, they are in our bones and our veins until we do think about most”, edge Emily Blunt, which was formed by two professors of singing, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. To the great joy of his children, the star of the horror film to success Without a sound , has also learned to speak the slang london cockney.

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The shooting was the opportunity to cultivate the soul of a child. “It is knowingly that Rob Marshall has chosen the Great Depression of 1929 as part of the film. This echoes our time. The return of Mary Poppins reminds us how precious it is to “cherish your inner child,” insists Emily Blunt. “The older you get, the more the cynicism may be present. It is important to forget; the time of a film such as Mary Poppins, and regain a sense of wonder of yesteryear”. The enthusiasm seems to be contagious. Emily Blunt has collected nominations for the Golden Globes and the prices of the actors ‘ union. It should probably do the same for the Oscars.