women need to know their rights if they want that sexual harassment in the workplace ceases, said Monday the actress Emma Watson is launching a line of legal advice for victims in Great Britain. The service will also give advice on what constitutes sexual harassment, how to file a complaint with an employment tribunal, and on rules and non-disclosure agreements.

“Understand what your rights are, how you can enforce them and the options available to you if you have been the victim of harassment is essential to create environments of safe work for all,” said the actress of the saga Harry Potter . “This line of board is a great step forward to ensure that all women are supported, where they work,” added Watson, a fervent advocate of the anti-sexual harassment, Time’s Up. The line board is funded by the Time’s Up UK Justice and Equality Fund, which was launched thanks to donations last year and on which the young woman of 29 years has contributed about one million euros.

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advice of professionals in this business

A British two has been the victim of sexual harassment at his workplace, according to a study conducted by the trade union Trades Union Congress (TUC), but four out of five have not reported. “We finally have the impression that people are aware of the magnitude of the problem,” said the actress in a press release, citing research from the TUC. “I am hopeful that with global standards, such as the recent treaty of the international labour Organization (ILO) on workplace harassment, we will begin to see a new climate of prevention and accountability on this issue at the national level”.

The ILO adopted the treaty in June, powered by the movement #MeToo which alerted the world to the sexual harassment after the allegations against the tycoon in the film, Harvey Weinstein. The advisory service will be provided by the uk charity Rights of Women, which has found that sexual harassment in the workplace was “widespread” but was still taboo.

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Deeba Syed, senior legal officer of the charity, believes that many women think that this is part of their work or assert their legal rights, risk of jeopardizing their career.