Employees of NIZAM experienced a vaccine COVID-19

Employees of the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei of the Ministry of health (NICAM) already checked into my vector vaccine against the new coronavirus COVID-19. This experience has been successful, assured “Interfax” the Director of the center academician Alexander Ginzburg. According to him, the immune system is, the negative effects of the vaccine were not detected.

Gunzburg explained that the developers of the vaccine “is not so much experiencing, how to protect themselves” in order not to get infected and continue working in a pandemic. Now “all protected,” said the academician.

On the question of whether vaccine side effects, he said, “No.” “All alive, healthy and happy,” added Ginzburg. He did not specify how many employees NIZAM was injected with the vaccine, but noted that “a wide range”.

as for the vaccines, we are talking about a promising vector vaccine of NIZAM based on DNA, adenovirus, in which the integrated gene of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Adenovirus is used as a “container” for the coronavirus gene delivery into cells, there to start the protein synthesis of the shell of the novel coronavirus (the same “crown”) and “introduce” the immune system with a potential enemy. Vaccines of this type are called vector.

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