Employees of Regardie obliged to introduce myself

the state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill requiring employees of Regardie be submitted when applying to the citizen, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

Changes in current law to solve the problem of the so-called deanonimizatsii employees of Regardie, said in the state Duma.

Now they are not required to be presented to the citizen in the case of treatment, which is why there a lot of problems and difficulties, as the police became a charge. While on the staff of Regardie entrusted with many law enforcement and police functions and often together with the police, they have joint patrols.

the Bill stipulates that employees of Regardie will be required when referring to the citizen to be presented, if necessary to present official identification, and the restriction of the rights and freedoms of a citizen to explain the cause of the incident and the rights of the citizen.

the Rule would be valid only in cases when the employee of Regardie himself drawn to the citizen, and also in the implementation of certain powers.

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