At the beginning of the month, two weeks before his concert on 14 February in Casablanca, Enrico Macias, on the plateau of the Big Mouths RMC, had warned him that he would not be impressed by the slightest threat of a boycott. “My victory will be to go sing in Casablanca because I know the moroccan people, the moroccan public, he explained. For me I compare Morocco to Andalusia of yore before the advent of Isabella the Catholic… This is not for a few individuals who want to hurt me I’ll change your mind on the tolerance of Morocco. I am crazy madly at this threat of a boycott…”

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The singer of Children of all countries has kept its word. On Thursday evening, despite a few hundred protesters propalestiniens who brandished placards which were written the slogans “get out Macias”, “Jerusalem to the Palestinians” or even “the zionists”, the creator of the Eastern has been able to provide her recital.

Enrico Macias sang in front of Yasser Arafat

the Bard of pacifism since its debut on the scene in the 1960s, Enrico Macias considers unfair to his manifestations of hostility against her. Still, during the debate in early February of les Grandes Gueules RMC the polemicist Gilles-William Goldnagel had recalled that the singer, born in Constantine, Algeria in 1938, “jewish berber arab”, as he loves himself qualify, was one of the first to have pleaded for peace between Palestine and Israel: “It is a huge injustice vis-à-vis Enrico Macias because he must know that he has been criticized even within a part of the jewish community’s pro-israel because he has always sung the peace. He even sang once for Yasser Arafat. If there is someone who is wet for arab-israeli peace, it is Enrico Macias…”

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But these pronouncements of the singer does not seem to convince the pro-palestinians, moroccans. “He is the spearhead of the advance of the zionist in the world. It is engaged in the zionist project, and he openly supports the israeli army,” said to the AFP Saadia El Ouallous, a member of the national Coalition for Palestine.

Threatened to Boycott Morocco, Enrico Macias responded on RMC in the beginning of February…