Environmentalists predicted Siberia in 2020,

Last year’s “fire disaster” may again be repeated in the regions of Siberia. So consider the Russian branch of “Greenpeace”.

employees of the organization are warning that this year’s fires is many times greater than happened in early July in previous years. “The number of thermal spots four times more than an average at this time”, — the staff of Greenpeace, quoted Znak.com.

conservationists also cite data of the Federal forestry Agency, according to which the area is already operating in Russia wildfires got close to 3 million hectares. Blaze at least five regions of Siberia and the Far East fire districts of Yakutia, Chukotka, Magadan region, Kamchatka Krai and Krasnoyarsk Krai. According to environmentalists, nearly 90% of the active fires occur in the so-called control areas, where local authorities may not put out the fire if they believe it is uneconomical.

, the Russian Authorities have not learnt lessons from the events of 2019, when the fire covered a total of 14.8 million hectares, sure, “Greenpeace”. They believe that if the “fire disaster” I repeat once more, that will seriously increase the risks for residents of cities and towns, where health facilities already under high load due to the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus.

the Russian branch of “Greenpeace” has already begun collecting signatures, ecologists are encouraged to include the participation of Federal authorities in making decisions about the advisability of putting out fires and asking three times to increase volumes of financing of forestry in the regions.

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