Epidemiologist said where used mask and gloves

the Russian laws determine the fate of the masks and gloves used by the doctors at the hospitals and ordinary citizens on the streets. The differences to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” explained assistant Professor of health care organization and medical law, St. Petersburg, Lydia Sopron.

According to her, personal protective equipment after contact with coronavirus are considered medical waste and having an emergency epidemiological risk.

“They must be thermally disinfected at the place of the low-temperature methods, then produce a mechanical destructurization through grinding, pressing, sintering. Sometimes the equipment is equipped with, and these processes occur simultaneously. After that waste should be high temperature disinfection methods, disposal by burning,” explained Sopron.

At the same time, she noted that citizens used masks and gloves medical waste are not considered. The townspeople just throw products in the trash and city trash cans. “In the end, they go on General polygons. While the legislation did not provide a special procedure for their disposal,” said the epidemiologist.

Meanwhile, St. Petersburg has launched an online petition to install containers for masks and gloves. This will allow you to save the city from environmental and biological contamination, the authors of the initiative. Signature 8 Jun delivered more than eight thousand people.

About the problem of disposing of personal protective equipment read soon in our material.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “trash — be honest!”, reminding that the problem of proper disposal of waste concerns all of us, and everyone can contribute to its solution. And what kind of answers we find today will impact our quality of life tomorrow.

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