Erdogan was allowed to

Turkish Supreme court agreed with the proposal of President Tayyip Erdogan that the Hagia Sophia should again become a mosque. The leader of the country has the right to either keep or change the status of the Museum of the Cathedral, said in the ruling.

the court’s Decision angered Greece, writes The Оrthodox Times.

Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul) was the largest Christian Church throughout tysyacheletia. After the fall of Constantinople, the Church was turned into a mosque. The Museum “Hagia Sophia” was in 1934.

the Council of state of Turkey at the date of the decision of the Supreme court also discussed the fate of the Shrine. According to CNN, the officials considered the issue in only 17 minutes. The results of the meeting will be known later.

Erdogan said earlier that he wants to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque as a “proper answer” the US President Donald Trump, who supported Israeli sovereignty over the Golan heights.

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