The author of Marriage of Figaro was a watchmaker, spy, editor of Voltaire, ship owner, arms dealer, diplomat, and revolutionary. The academician paints a portrait full of twists and turns.

LE FIGARO. After Ours, a Pastor and The Fountain, you brush the portrait of Beaumarchais. What is the link between all these figures?

Erik Orsenna. – These are characters who have embodied their century. I’m fascinated to see what boils down to a life. There are the days that accumulate, and there are the moments. In fact, an existence, it is just a few moments, maybe ten, in a lifetime. Ours, Pastor, The Fountain or Beaumarchais have been the subject of academic work that I welcome and which are admirable ; for my part, I wanted to interest me in these moments that make a life. And the existence of Beaumarchais is an intoxication of living.

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