“Faced with the extreme market which corrupts everything, in the face of the extreme right which takes advantage of the desolation to advance its racist, sexist and liberticidal pawns, we call to unite our forces in the street and to march together”, write the signatories of the text.

“Committed personalities, from the world of culture, science, social movements, whether we are anti-capitalists, communists, ecologists, rebellious, socialists, we will march on October 16 in Paris, against the high cost of living and climate inaction”, they add.

Among the participants in this forum are therefore Annie Ernaux, awarded this week with the Nobel, as well as other writers (Laurent Binet, Eric Vuillard, Pierre Lemaître, Edouard Louis…), filmmakers and actors (Liliane Rovère, Eva Darlan , Yvan Le Bolloc’h…), the philosopher Didier Eribon, or the lawyer and former LFI legislative candidate Caroline Mecary.

Affirming in particular that “Emmanuel Macron is seizing inflation to widen the wealth gap, to boost capital income, to the detriment of the rest”, the signatories therefore urge “a popular upsurge to resist regression and reopen a destiny collective made of justice, solidarity and ecological responsibility”.

This October 16 march in Paris must bring together La France insoumise, the PS, EELV, and other leftist organizations, but not yet at this stage the communists or the unions.