we must Acknowledge that the universe of Hervé Blutsch is disconcerting. For more than ten years that his texts are published and that it is staged, this theater writer, who made his classes with the scholar academic Robert Abirached, remains a little in the shade. It is played regularly and we have seen first-rate shows, imagined from his writings ( The Life burale , for example), in circuits that do not ensure a reputation huge.

This time, it is mounted in Cinemascope, on the great plateau of the Roundabout, by a director known and appreciated, Laurent Fréchuret, and with, in the title role, an interpreter, a highly publicized and excellentissime actor, Vincent Dedienne. Add that was the last season the wonderful Harlequin’s Game of love and chance is very well surrounded by such a great Marie-Christine Orry, the wonderful Jean-Claude Bolle-Reddat and other talented comedians.

But Ervart or the last days of Frederick Nietzsche , in its first performances, is a show that is too long (2: 10) that lack of density and rhythm. The argument is both rudimentary and complicated, since multiple plots are woven.

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Bath absurd

in The foreground and in the beginning, Ervart (Vincent Dedienne). He thinks that his wife Philomena (Pauline Huruguen, a beautiful, piano) is cheating on him and it makes him crazy and violent. He shoots everything that moves, it puts the city in fire and blood. He has a butler, stylish and all-knowing, Stockholm (Bolle-Reddat, constant happiness). Arise other characters, other events: the children are gone, it is a question of espionage, there are containers that conceal strange secrets or deadly explosives. There is also another story, which slides on the first: one girl and two boys, the americans, are trying to play a piece without doubt avant-garde, where it is just a question of garbage… And then comes an actress who is a little invasive, which would interfere in the main story. This is Anastasia Zilowski to that the irresistible Marie-Christine Orry provides several compositions and stunning. Add a beautiful white horse, a preceptor morals dangerous, an investigator of weird, a shadow, and, of course, Frederick Nietzsche, in particular, in a number of tap dance. In short, it goes in all directions and the public has something wrong, one feels, to find support, even if only temporarily.

The most caring dive boldly into this bath of the absurd that reminds Vitrac, Dubillard, or Topor not to mention that Ervart has input a side Père Ubu (“I will kill you all and then I’ll go”).

But we can guess the embarrassment of a part of the room if not his boredom. It would be severe: tighten, cut, lighten up, give a little bit of consistency. Blutsch will say that it is the murders.

note: artist, France Dumas has followed the rehearsals and drew. A small book is on sale at the bookstore (10 €) where is held an exhibition of his engravings. The text of the piece is published by les Solitaires intempestifs (20 €).

“Ervart or The Last Days of friedrich Nietzsche”, the Théâtre du Rond-Point 2 bis, avenue Franklin-Roosevelt (Eighth). Tel.: 01 44 95 98 21. Opening hours: mar. at the sam. at 21 h, dim. 15 h. Until 10 feb. 2019. Seats: 16 to 38 €.