EU extended the

anti-Russian sanctions in connection with accession of the Crimea to Russia has been extended for one year. This decision was taken by the ambassadors of the member countries of the European Union, confirmed the Ambassador Mykola Tochitskii on Twitter.

In his report noted that “Russia’s attempts to use COVID-19 for the lifting of sanctions” were unsuccessful. “”Crimean package” will be extended for another year,” wrote Tochitskii and thanked the European “partners for their unwavering support.”

the decision to extend the restrictions must be approved by the EU Council and published in the Official journal.

Recall that the EU sanctions against the Crimea would expire on 23 June. They set a ban on the import into the EU of goods from the Crimea, investment in the Peninsula, touristic services in this area, the export of certain goods and technology to Crimea.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 following a referendum. In the West and in the U.S. the results of the vote was questioned, Moscow was accused of “annexation” and imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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