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European physicians called simple rules for cancer prevention

European physicians called simple rules for cancer prevention

the who International Agency for research on cancer has released recommendations that will help to protect against cancer.

As noted in the new version of the European code against cancer, although the risk of developing cancer is largely due to genetics, a healthy lifestyle able to reduce.

first, we should abandon any tobacco products and limit alcohol consumption.

you Should follow a healthy diet — eat lots of whole grains, cereals and legumes, vegetables and fruits. High-calorie sweet and fatty foods and drinks with sugar do not get carried away. Harmful products of processed meat with high salt content.

you Need to follow the weight, remember about everyday physical activity, do not spend too much time browsing.

Also, doctors are encouraged to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, especially children, and do not use tanning beds.

at Home and in the workplace need to protect yourself from carcinogens and radiation, in particular, natural radon radiation.

Women, who have children, it is helpful to breastfeed to reduce the risk of cancer. Small children need to be vaccinated against hepatitis b, girls and HPV.

Finally, don’t forget about the screening programmes for bowel cancer, and for women — in addition to cancer of the breast and cervix.

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