real estate prices have in many places reached dizzying heights. For a normal condominium, you must lie down in some large cities a fortune. However, Not everywhere the real estate boom has spoiled the prices. Beyond Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt, there are still many cities where homes cost no moon prices.

An analysis of broker company Homeday for the star shows impressively, what is the consequence of the large price differences for buyers: With the same sum of money one gets in some cities, a giant apartment, and in others only a tiny den. To illustrate this in an exemplary way, has Homeday calculated for a Budget of 250,000 euros, how many square feet the property apartment you’d get in one of the 100 largest German cities in the cut.

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The result: In two-thirds of the cities studied, the quarter of a million would be enough for an apartment with more than 100 square meters, in 20 cities, even more than 200 square meters. The stateliest it for 250,000 euros in the Thuringian town of Gera, Germany, you can get for this price, mathematically, approximately 385 square feet. Also in Zwickau (Saxony) and Dessau-Rosslau (Saxony-Anhalt) there are more than 300 square meters. More effective cities, you will see the great points on our map of Germany.

map: So much property apartment for 250,000 euros

the smaller the point on the map, the less flat for the quarter of a million. In Munich at the end of the scale, you do not need this Budget to look basically at all in the first place. Mathematically rich of 250,000 euros only for, which is 36.4 square meters. Also in Frankfurt am Main (52 sqm), Konstanz (58 sqm), Freiburg (60 sqm) and Ingolstadt (62 sqm) comes with a quarter of a million is not far away. In Hamburg and Stuttgart, it is only slightly cheaper.

The evaluation is based on the regional market price data for the Homeday-price Atlas that takes into account more than 20 million published supply data for the last five years. The evaluation includes both new construction and existing apartments, but no houses. Those who want to delve further into the data, which can be searched in the price of the Atlas to its residential block just after prices.