day-to-day goes on in the East. In the West it goes down. You shines the Morning – such as the Occident, the Orient, considers the sun to be more critical than the Occident. Over the desert it burns unrelenting as meadows and forests.

In the Quran it says in Surah 6, Verse 78: “and When he saw the sun rising, he said: ‘This is my Lord.’ But when it set, he said: ‘Oh my people, I am free of what you associate with Allah for Him.” Verse 79: “I have turned my face toward he who created the heavens and the earth, as a follower of the right faith, and I am not of the polytheists.”

The Prophet means to say that the sun is just scorching hot star and not Allah. The Qur’an celebrates the moon with it’s own Surah. In Islam, it is the moon that warns and punishes, the Ramadan begins under the rising moon sickle, the emblem is the Crescent moon.

So Theo avoids the Muslim, the logical Dilemma posed by the Bible in Genesis: God creates the world and leaves it a closed System. “Thou shalt make thee no graven image, or any likeness of what is in heaven above”, it says so in the Scriptures. In the sky the sun is.

Therefore, Christianity has sheared to the ban, to illustrate the Divine. Each monstrance is a sun on a stick, Madonnas wearing Starbursts, Jesus Christ is the true sun, his birthday coincides with the winter solstice, and Sunday is the day of the Lord.

It is, as all the ancient Egyptian, old Norse, far Western and far Eastern sun cults in the Bible and turned to one. That is, God and the sun could be one, then is also confirmed by the enlightenment. Until Copernicus put the sun in the middle.

As the man had come to terms with the insult that not everything revolves around him, he had to recognize that the sun is a distant and massive nuclear fusion reactor that has created the earth and the moon, the water, and all creatures, including humans. From hydrogen up to uranium. The sun is the Incubator of the elements and the nut of the matter. You will never fall from the sky, to sing Rammstein.

Goethe wrote to Eckermann: “you Ask me if it was in my nature, Jesus Christ, worship is to show reverence, so I say: Absolutely! If you ask me, whether it’s in my nature to revere the sun, so I say again: Absolutely! I adore the light and the generating power of God.“ The fact that the Holy reason of the Occident, a sun salutation in Yoga. Every sunset is also a sub-gang of the old West in front of the new entrance.

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