Ex-defense Minister of Ukraine accused of shooting Euromaidan

the Pechersky court of Kiev “took custody” of the former head of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev, UNIAN reports.

Lebedev is accused on the case of the shootings on the Maidan in February 2014. The decision was made on the facts, “the organization of a number of serious and particularly serious violent crimes, including murders”.

As Pavel Lebedev has long been living in Russia, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine believe that “the decision of the court entitles the prosecution to commence against the former Minister of defense of Ukraine extradition proceedings”.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of health, 18-20 February 2014 in Kiev killed 82 people — 71 evromaydanovets and 11 security forces, activists of the “Heavenly hundred” talk about the 107 victims.

meanwhile, earlier it was reported that during the Euromaidan events Lebedev refused to send troops to Kiev “to protect constitutional order,” and on February 21, not retiring, he moved to Sebastopol.

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