Exam results for the chemistry challenged due to the high complexity of tasks

Immediately several petitions complaining of the unreasonable difficulty of the tasks on the exam in chemistry appeared on the portal Change.org. After yesterday’s exam scores of graduates and their parents need to recognize it invalid. With them in solidarity and chemistry teachers.

the Author of one of them writes that “the work is not consistent with the level of jobs with FIPI, demos and early versions of”. “Students were practicing the whole year to ensure that FIPI posted on the official website and more. The wording of the new jobs. At the exam the students sobbed, someone took the medical staff! So much energy, nerves and money spent on training!”, — she was outraged.

“do You even know what the exam tasks in chemistry is designed for professionals chemists”, — asks the author of another petition, the engineer-chemist-technologist Sergey Harutyunyan. “Why it was necessary so to complicate the wording and placement of questions?! Why then do I publish the demo FIPI, if in the real exam there is no templates and tasks that really prepare our children?!”, he asks, addressing the question to the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov.

He also stressed the fact that students almost 3 months have dropped out of the educational process. “But neither the education Ministry nor the drafters of the jobs do not take into account,” he writes, adding that the exam of this level break the psyche of children and undermine their faith in themselves.

“I, and thousands of graduates, their parents and teachers, we believe that the assessment of works in this difficult year should be adjusted,” — said Harutyunyan.

“Jobs were 3-4 times more difficult than it was possible to work on sites “Decide exam”, “Fipi” and other materials to prepare for the exam”, — writes in his petition, addressed to President Vladimir Putin, Tatiana Yakushina. According to her, many children say they saw such things for the first time.

“I believe, due to the fact that children the last months I had to study and prepare for passing the exam remotely, it would be advisable to slightly ease the exams, not to complicate several times,” she said.

the Mother of one of the alumnae writes that her daughter “over the years worked with two Tutors for chemistry in addition to the given in-school knowledge and test tasks were decided by 100 points”, but on the exam are faced with tasks that were not previously met. “We require to understand this issue and stop child abuse by creating tests corresponding to the knowledge provided in the school program and to reduce the huge difference that is given in school and what is required for the exam,” urges the author.

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