Two and a half years after his death, the battle over the legacy of George Michael intensifies. The document had designated the sisters of the singer, Melanie and Yioda, as the main beneficiaries of his inheritance, estimated at 98 million pounds, or 110 million euros, according to The Mirror . His last companion, however, has discovered with astonishment that it was not even mentioned in the last will of the singer. An “omission” which is not at all the taste of Fadi Fawaz, who considers, according to a source interviewed by The Sun, have been essential in the life of the star. The Australian, who shared his life from 2012 to 2016, has already indicated that it intends to challenge the document, to claim his share of the inheritance, reports the tabloid.

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A conflict that does not date from yesterday

The relationship between Fadi Fawaz and the family of the singer have always been strained. Even in the lifetime of his companion, the hairdresser of 46-year-old was often seen as an opportunist by relatives. The former star currently occupies the former home of George Michael, a house in London in the neighbourhood of Regent’s Park and is estimated at € 6.9 million. A situation that is not pleasing at all to the family who is struggling for several weeks to expel him.

Tired of the eccentricities and of the disrespect of which Fadi Fawaz fact in their evidence, the sisters of the singer wish to preserve the case of social networks. A will that does not share the last love of british singer, customary of the outputs in the press and on Twitter. He had been talking to him on the social network, stating that George Michael had died by suicide, a theory disproved by the autopsy shortly after. The Australian would have also threatened to reveal in a book information intimate about her life with the star, according to a source from the Daily Mail.