Building your muscles and making your body bigger is a serious and tedious task. It requires you to be serious about your training and you will need to show a lot of dedication. We know you have been trying to build your muscle mass however going through your Instagram and scrolling through videos and videos of your favorite trainer will not seal the deal for you.

You will need to get up and physically exert yourself if you want to achieve your ideal figure!

You might think the only way of getting a fabulous body might be by registering in the fanciest and expensive gym! We are here to tell you that’s not necessary at all.

All you need is your motivation and some knowledge of doing the right kind of exercises and you can reach your aim within the next six to seven months! Whether it’s a bigger chest you want or strong massive arms! We can help you get there within a year.


Running can be an excellent exercise to do for muscle building. This might not seem to be true as running is usually is done to increase your stamina or to do a warm-up. However if your take it seriously you will realize that it targets leg muscles, unlike any other exercise. The entire focus of running is to make your legs stronger and to optimize your lung capacity.

Regardless of what you might think, definitely incorporate running into your workout routine.


Squats target your lower abdomen, your glutes, and lower leg muscles. Squats also help develop your core strength as it requires you to pay attention to your form otherwise you can injure yourself.

How to do Squats: You need to be standing up straight, your legs should be about 3 feet apart, toes facing the front. Now gradually bend your knees as you bring down your back while sticking out your butt outwards, make sure your back is still straight.

For balance, you can always put your hands out in front of you or if you are a beginner you can hold on to something.

For muscle building, however, we recommend using dumbbells or a kettlebell. These types of equipment will seriously use your core and back energy so make sure to perfect the posture first without using either of these to reduce your chances of getting injured.


For a further leg workout, we recommend doing lunges. Now there is a variety of ways you can modify this exercise; by doing walking lunges and also by lifting dumbbells while doing them.

However we recommend that you first learn how to perfectly do simple lunges before you move on to any alterations, this will reduce your chances of getting injured.

How to do lunges: begin by standing straight with your legs at least 3 feet apart, toes facing the front. Now pull out one leg forward bending both your knees and bringing your hips down. Rest your entire weight on the foot of the leg that is extended.

Make sure the leg in the front creates a 90-degree angle between your thigh and calves.


This exercise is excellent for upper body strength and core strength. For this, you will require a bar that you can easily hang from. Now be prepared that this is not exactly an easy exercise to do and it might require a lot of practice before you even pull off one proper pull-up!

To do this exercise first take a deep breath, hang on to a bar and pull up. This might seem like an easy set of instructions but believe us it is difficult for them. You need to bring in all your strength from the core as you bend your elbows and try to lift your entire weight upwards.

Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

This exercise works your upper body muscles once again. You will require a comfortable seat you sit and rest your back at, and also a pair of dumbbells.

How to do dumbbell shoulder presses: Relax and sit up straight on a chair. Now hold dumbbells in each of your hands and then extend your arms upwards and slowly bend your elbows as you bring down the dumbbells adjacent to your forehead. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times to feel your fat burning.