Exit poll: Nearly 60% of Petersburgers have voted against changing the Constitution

supporters of the campaign “NO!” once more survey data, passing near polling stations on the amendments to the Constitution. According to 15:00, in St. Petersburg 57,7% do not agree with the changes to be made to the basic law of the country.

In Moscow, too, has increased protest vote. So, if by noon against the amendments spoke for 45% of the population, by 15:00 had increased to 49,87%.

Only the activists interviewed in exit areas 4 thousand 784 people. 3 thousand 159 of the respondents agreed to share their opinions, others prefer to avoid answering.

According to exit polls of the campaign “NO!” on 15:00

worth 49.91% FOR
49,87% AGAINST
0,22% — spoiled ballot

Saint Petersburg
42,02% FOR
57,70% AGAINST
0,28% — spoiled ballot pic.twitter.com/zA6u7nRMwi

— NO amendments to the Constitution (@netpopravkam) July 1, 2020

Recall that in Russia July 1 — last day to vote on the question of amending the Constitution. In St. Petersburg on Palace square the protests began.

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