Expert: After pandemic in history it will take up to 40% of the St. Petersburg small business

the downtime, which is experiencing a St. Petersburg small business due to pandemic coronavirus, will lead to the fact that 40% of companies will go down in history. Such opinion on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” was expressed by the Chairman of the public Council on small business development under the Governor of St. Petersburg Elena Tsereteli.

“unfortunately, many companies simply won’t open — it personal services sector and retail trade, and catering and many more. Some, of course, returned, but in a different format — for example, judging by the Analytics, which we provide in the MFC, preregistrants of the PI” — said Tsereteli.

According to her, companies are trying to optimize their operations, and it inspires hope.

“It would be easier if I had a full clear, when you can open, for example, the same outdoor cafe. At the moment we understand that even in the third stage in July, they may not be open,” — said Tsereteli.

She stressed that direct stimulation of consumer demand in St. Petersburg will not be.

“to Focus on the experience of European cities where the government distributes vouchers to citizens that you can eat out in the cafes and support local business, it is not necessary — we just don’t have these economic opportunities,” he said Tsereteli.

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